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School Watchman Killed, Cash Stolen

School Watchman Killed, Cash Stolen

When gangsters raided a secondary school in Kirinyaga County, a security guard was hacked to death.

Peterson Karimi, 60, died as a result of injuries sustained during an attack with crude weapons at St Francis Waigiri Day Secondary School in Kirinyaga Central constituency.

The gangsters stole two computers and Sh27,000 in cash, according to police, in an incident that shocked teachers and students.

The gangsters were said to have struck around 3 a.m., catching the guard off guard.

They stuffed clothing into his mouth, bound his hands, and dragged him into the school kitchen, where he was slashed to death.

They then broke into the administration building, looted property and cash, and fled.

When teachers and students arrived in the morning, they discovered the guard in a pool of blood and the administration block doors damaged.

As shocked students rushed to the scene to see the guard’s body, learning was disrupted.

According to Area Police Chief Stephen Wambua, his officers rushed to the scene and discovered the guard dead with deep cuts in his head.

“We were informed by one of the teachers about the raid which left the guard dead,” said Mr Wambua.

He stated that the body was taken to the Kerugoya Referral Hospital mortuary while detectives began their investigation into the murder.

Mr Wambua stated that the incident was being investigated as a violent robbery.

He urged residents to help police by providing information that could aid detectives in their investigations.

According to some parents, the robbery was well planned and executed.

He appealed to residents to cooperate with police and volunteer information that could help detectives in their investigations.


Some parents said the robbery was well planned and executed.

“The gangsters wanted to steal and that is why they first struck the guard dead so that they could loot without interference,” one parent said.

School Watchman Killed, Cash Stolen



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