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School Incorporates Talent Nurturing Into Curriculum

School Incorporates Talent Nurturing Into Curriculum

A talent nurturing component has been incorporated into the curriculum of a girls’ secondary school in Kwale county.

The Developing Nurturing Skill school-based program is designed to foster talents in co-curricular activities among students.

Anastacia Musili, principal of Kwale Girls Secondary School, stated that the introduction of co-curricular activities and games has empowered the students by assisting them in recognizing their hidden potential.

“The activities are meant to develop communication skills, give students an experience of fellowship and mutual aid, which are essential ingredients of a well balanced personality,” she said.

Musili, speaking at the school’s cultural day last week, stated that the institution has provided facilities for a number of co-curricular activities known as Talent Search Programmes.

She believes that cultural festivals allow children to blossom and thrive while also providing them with a platform to work towards becoming responsible citizens.

The event also gives the girls a chance to show off their traditional dresses, artifacts, traditional songs and dances, and modeling abilities.

 “We use the cultural day to mentor the students into other fields other than the academics,” Musili said.

The approach, according to the principal, has propelled the school’s academic performance while also instilling discipline in the students.

Musili went on to say that the school has created an online engagement platform for parents and guardians where they are encouraged to play active roles in collaboration with the school administration to improve student discipline.

“We have very good girls who are not performing well in academics, but they can perform well in other fields like music, modelling and beauty therapy.” 


According to John Ogesi, a school board member and parent, the cultural platform has helped shape the students’ character and behavior.

He also stated that the school believes that cultural festivals will allow students to excel in areas other than academics.

School Incorporates Talent Nurturing Into Curriculum



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