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Robbers Raid School With Guns in Broad Daylight

Robbers Raid School With Guns in Broad Daylight

Murang’a County security officers have launched a manhunt for armed robbers who raided a school in broad daylight and demanded money from the principal.

The robbers, two in number, ambushed the principal and bursar of Igikiro Boys Secondary School after following them from Kenol town, a satellite town about 22 kilometers from the school.

Alexander Shikondi, the Murang’a South Sub County Police Commander, confirmed the incident, noting that witnesses had already recorded statements with the police.

According toShikondi, the two trailed the principal from the bank where

 school head and the bursar had withdrawn the funds to pay casual workers.

Nation reports that the principal was in Kenol town, where he drew Ksh250,000 from the school’s account.

They drove into the school compound just before 1 p.m., and one of them entered the principal’s office brandishing two pistols.

The gunmen, according to Shikondi, wanted to be taken to the cashier’s office, where they believed the school kept more money.

“He came out in a hurry after failing to get at the cash, boarded the vehicle and they sped off. Police teams arrived after they were alerted and investigations commenced,” the police boss told the press.

One of the gunmen destroyed the principal’s vehicle and stole a laptop and tablet from the car.

The force used to break the car’s side glass piqued the interest of other members of staff and students.


Shikondi said that police officers were on the trail of the two gang members.

This comes amid security concerns in Nakuru, where residents have been terrorized for months by a criminal gang. So far, Nakuru police have apprehended 128 suspects linked to the ‘confirmed’ criminal ring.

Robbers Raid School With Guns in Broad Daylight



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