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Private Primary Schools To Host Junior Secondary

Private Primary Schools To Host Junior Secondary.

George Magoha, the cabinet secretary for education, announced on Monday, June 20, that the first cohort of students enrolled in the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) will continue attending primary schools even after passing the 2022 national exam intended to transfer them to junior secondary.

Magoha allayed concerns expressed by parents regarding the readiness of private schools to welcome the first group of Grade Six graduates as boarders in junior secondary schools in a statement to the media at the Moi Educational Centre.

The competition should be saved for when the students are looking to enroll in senior secondary schools in Grade 10, he said, adding that there was no need for the parents to transfer the students to different institutions.

The retention of primary school students in the same schools as they transition to junior secondary is currently being considered by the ministry of education.

The implementation of this concept in private schools is currently being pushed for by George Magoha.

Learners will transfer to the same school for junior secondary if private schools adopt this concept.

“For the parents who have children in private schools to retain them in junior secondary schools that are within the same primary school,” Magoha said.

Magoha was launching a CBC classroom on Monday when he gave a speech at Moi Educational Center High School (MECHS).

According to Magoha, if schools carry out this plan, they will be able to handle the intense competition that is always present at the end of primary school.

“So that the cut-throat competition that comes after standard 8 are postponed to year 9 which is senior secondary,” he said.

Magoha praised MECHS for providing enough infrastructure for junior secondary students while touring the school’s classrooms.

“Why don’t these classes have cabinets or storage lockers because CBC is full of activities and the kids cannot be carrying their items back home daily,” he said.

Magoha gave the institution two weeks to finish building storage lockers out of any materials on hand.

They have twelve laboratories according to Magoha which he said are not being used to their full potential.

Eunice Muthusi, the principal of MECHS School, promised to make sure the classes complied with CBC by the first week of July.

A platform where junior secondary school applications will be processed is almost finished by the ministry.

By letting students choose from their category, private schools will participate in the placement formula, according to Magoha.

Charles Ochome, chair of the Kenya Private Schools Association, claims that out of the intended 5,000 classrooms, the sector has already built 1,296 of them.

6,497 classrooms have already been built in the first phase of public schools.

With the exception of a few counties in the Western and Rift Valley regions, most counties, according to Magoha, are at 97 percent construction.


In 2023, more than 1.2 million students who are currently in sixth grade will transition to junior secondary.

Additionally, Magoha rejected the claims that the CBC implied that students entered high schools at a young age and that the teachers lacked the necessary skills to deal with the students.

In the 8-4-4 system, he mentioned that some secondary schools had admitted students as young as 12 years old.

Private Primary Schools To Host Junior Secondary



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