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Principals flout Magoha’s directive on school fees

Principals flout Magoha’s directive on school fees.

A crisis is looming after school principals defied Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha’s orders on school fee increases.

According to reports, parents will have to deal with increased school fees as students return to school for the third term.

Parents with children at Kakamega High School claim that they were asked to pay Ksh9,000 each after students went on a rampage and burned down two dormitories last year.

Parents were previously informed that the funds would be used to purchase 280 double-decker beds for each dormitory, 560 mattresses, 560 boxes, 2 new blankets and two new bed sheets, and 560 full sets of uniforms.

The total cost of these items was estimated to be Ksh11,306,400.
Parents at the school claim that the school administration failed to meet these conditions, despite being forced to pay monetary damages.

According to the parents, the students were given old items and never received the uniforms that had already been billed to the parents, despite a court order stopping the punitive charges.

Furthermore, the parents claim that they have had to pay more money if their children are studying Electrical Science, Power Mechanics, Aviation, and Fine Arts.

Despite the fact that the government has set a cap of Ksh45,000 for school fees, parents are required to pay an additional Ksh9,000 and Ksh3,000, which is never reimbursed.

Students enrolled in the four subjects pay an additional Ksh5,000, which parents consider illegal and unnecessary.

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The same thing has happened in other schools, particularly those that were affected by unrest last year.

In Embu, parents told a local news outlet that they were forced to pay for all of the damages caused by the students’ failure, failing which their children would be denied admission to their respective schools.

Principals flout Magoha’s directive on school fees.

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