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Parents Issue Fresh Demands to Ministry of Education On Packed Calendar

Parents Issue Fresh Demands to Ministry of Education On Packed Calendar.

Parents have issued a list of demands to the Ministry of Education, which must be addressed as soon as schools reopen.

Nicholas Maiyo, chairperson of the National Parents Association says that the Ministry should increase the amount of money given to primary schools.

Responding to Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha, Maiyo stated that primary schools get the short end of the stick when it comes to disbursement. Magoha had initially stated that the funds would be released during the week of school reopening.

“The amount disbursed to primary schools is too little as compared to secondary schools. We seek funds to be increased for primary schools since the amount given to secondary, around Ksh22,254, is adequate,” he stated.

He also stated that the Ministry should take action against school principals who charge extra levies that are not part of the school fees program. He warned that the move was illegal and that strict measures would be imposed.

He states that the current challenge is the issue of illegal extra levies. He encouraged parents who have sufficient evidence of schools charging extra levies to forward the matter to his office or any EACC office for action.

In response to the recent spate of arson attacks in schools, Maiyo advised the Ministry to provide a conducive environment that would cushion students from the stresses of the school year. He stated that a proper channel for students to air their grievances should be used.

“We need to open a channel of communication. The complaint from students is that they are not heard. This is old fashioned as in the 21st Century, we need to listen to everybody. The three stakeholders, parents, teachers and learners, should discuss openly using the communication channel.”

“You can’t blame the recent school fires on one party, teachers parents or the learners as in every school there was a different cause,” he reiterated.

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Regarding the mandatory drug test conducted by Maranda High School students, Maiyo stated that the option should be considered for adoption in other schools.

He did, however, state that the process would be guided by the law in order to protect the students’ rights.

The academic calendar will be unique. Grade Six, Standard Eight, and Form Four students will sit for five national examinations.

Parents Issue Fresh Demands to Ministry of Education On Packed Calendar

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