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National School Sued For Suspending Student Over Matchbox

National School Sued For Suspending Student Over Matchbox 

A parent of a form 3 student who was expelled from a national school for having a matchbox and incense in class has filed a lawsuit against the school, claiming the teacher mischaracterized his son’s intent and did not give him a fair hearing.

In his case against Nairobi School, the teen’s father, codenamed MJM, claims that his son was suspended indefinitely in November last year for burning incense in class without the school hearing his side of the story.

The student, codenamed MWM, claims he was attempting to mask a bad odour and get rid of insects in the school, and that the teacher and school board took excessive action against him without providing him with a fair hearing.

“In out-rightly and indefinitely suspending the Minor without affording him the opportunity to be heard, the respondents abused their power,” the case filed before the High Court in Nairobi reads in part.

According to court documents, the minor apologized and promised to stay out of trouble in the future, but his plea fell on deaf ears.

According to the court record, MWM was suspended on December 15.

This was in response to a letter he received on December 1 requiring him to bring his parent to school seven days later for a disciplinary hearing.

“The minor expressed remorse for his conduct and intimated his willingness to reform and put more effort in his school studies but the housemaster would hear none of it,” the court papers continue.

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The parent, who has also sued the Attorney General and the school board, wants the court to order the school’s administration to admit MWM back into the school.

Elsewhere, six Milimani Secondary School students were arrested after attempting to burn down their dormitory on Sunday night near Nairobi’s State House. The incident on Sunday was the second such attempt.

National School Sued For Suspending Student Over Matchbox.

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