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Low-Cost Private Schools Beat Odds In National Exams, Latest Report Reveals

Low-Cost Private Schools Beat Odds In National Exams, Latest Report Reveals.

According to a report, low-cost private schools have beaten the odds in national exams and the quality of candidates produced.

Bridge International School received a mean score of 345 in the 2021 KCPE, with the top candidate receiving a score of 401.

A 2019 study led by Michael Kremer and released on June 7 revealed that Bridge School students receive 53% more learning than those in other institutions.

This is most likely due to the teacher-to-student ratio, which has remained constant at 40 students or less to one teacher.

Bridge students have outperformed their peers in the KCPE exams for seven years in a row, always scoring higher than the national average.

Despite coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, Bridge students have outperformed their more affluent peers in admissions to national schools.

Thanks to a strong primary school foundation, many Bridge graduates are now pursuing their dreams at various secondary schools and universities across the country and abroad

The 2021 KCSE results demonstrate the impact of the community school program; eight Bridge graduates received the coveted Grade A.

Going to a good secondary school, let alone getting a good grade, is something that many of these children could never have imagined.

“For pre-primary pupils, children gain nearly an additional year and half of learning, learning in two years what children in other schools learn in three and a half years,” the report says.

According to the study, after two years of study, primary school students are ahead of children in other schools.

They are a year ahead of schedule in terms of the curriculum.

According to the report, Grade 1 students at Bridge International Academies were more than three times more likely to be able to read than their peers at other schools.

Kenya’s national strategic plan reveals that more than 85% of Grade 3 students cannot arrange alphabetical order words in English or Kiswahili.

“Attending a Bridge school for two years increases the probability that a pupil achieves 250 marks or more in the KCPE by more than 40 per cent,” Kremer said.

Kremer stated that students who began at the lowest learning levels gained the most, with girls making the same learning leap as boys.

Bridge International Academies Kenya implemented the scientific learning and teaching model in 2009.

This learning model serves as the foundation for public transformation programs that help over a million children every day across the continent.


The proprietors’ dream was to open a low-cost private school in the slum to increase access to education.

That decision is beginning to bear fruit. Parents pay Sh4,000 in school fees each term.

Low-Cost Private Schools Beat Odds In National Exams, Latest Report Reveals



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