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Gov’t To Link Every School With Internet By 2025

Gov’t To Link Every School With Internet By 2025.

The national government has intensified its plans to guarantee that thousands of primary and secondary schools have access to the internet by 2025.

The digital learning dream is closer to becoming a reality. Over 200 schools have been connected in the past three months.

The digital master plan has been implemented to promote the integration of information and communication technology programs in educational institutions.

“The government through the ministry of ICT has laid out a digital transformation blueprint that will impact the growth of a digital economy in Kenya”, Maureen Mbaka said.

The Information and Communication Technology Authority’s (ICTA) acting chief executive, Paul Rono, stated yesterday that making sure every school has internet access will improve learning.

This is because it will allow students to access academic materials online and conduct research.

At the weekend, he was in Isiolo with ICTA board chair Fredrick Owino to monitor the rollout of the government’s ICT initiatives.

Dr. Rono urged those who are interested to sign up on their citizen training portal as they will soon begin offering IT skills to help more Kenyans access online jobs and business opportunities.

“Those interested will be facilitated to get quality training on technology use which will help them apply for jobs online and network with others in other parts of the world,” he said, adding that the training centers will be established in the wards.

In preparation for tarmacking the Isiolo-Modogashe-Mandera road, which is a component of the Sh83.7 billion Horn of Africa Gateway development project funded by the World Bank and the national government, the team also inspected the infrastructure. 

One of the biggest infrastructure projects in the area is the road that will pass through the counties of Isiolo, Meru, Wajir, Garissa, and Mandera.

Isiolo, Wajir, Garissa, and Mandera are four of Kenya’s ten poorest counties and have high rates of poverty. Construction will start this month, Isiolo County Commissioner Geoffrey Omoding announced during Madaraka Day celebrations on June 1.


A fiber optic cable will be installed along the highway, according to Prof. Owino, for the benefit of schools and other public buildings.

Such projects, he continued, “that open up the region and connect Kenya to neighboring countries” are given a lot of importance. He pleaded with the populace to assist the contractor and refrain from damaging infrastructure.

“The government has invested a lot to establish the existing infrastructure. We ask communities to protect it because they stand to lose if stolen or vandalized,” said Prof Owino. Also in attendance was ICTA acting Director of Programmes and Standards Thomas Odhiambo.

Gov’t To Link Every School With Internet By 2025



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