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Chavakali High School Students fined KSh 8.7m for Damages

Chavakali High School Students fined KSh 8.7m for Damages

Chakavali Boys High School students will have to pay KSh 4,050 to cover damages caused by a fire that destroyed a dormitory on November 8.

According to John Warutere, secretary and principal of the Board of Management, an independent assessment by the Public Works Department put the total damage cost at KSh 8.7 million.

The total cost will be split evenly among the 2,148 students, according to a letter delivered to parents on Monday, October 15.

The school will require KSh 3.1 million for the dormitory repair and another KSh 3.1 million for the broken doors and windows, according to the inspection team.

The school will spend KSh 338, 600 on plumbing repairs, KSh 498, 200 on stolen and vandalized kitchen equipment, and KSh 342, 000 on school electrical system and gadget repairs.

Additional charges include KSh 50,400 for products stolen from the school canteen, KSh 273,000 for items stolen from the teachers’ office, and KSh 80,200 for a damaged school vehicle.

The school will also have to spend KSh 540,000 on 36 new double-decker beds, as well as KSh 439,200 on various products for the impacted pupils.

Meanwhile, Form One students will return on November 23 and Form Two students on November 24, and the school will resume normal operations on November 23.

Between November 25 and November 30, other classes will return.

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Kakamega High School Damages

Kakamega High School in the same county has requested parents to pay KSh 21.6 million to cover the whole cost of the arson attack.

According to the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, and Urban Development and Public Works’ evaluation, the school’s dormitories will require KSh 12.1 million in repairs.

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CCTV installation costs KSh 695,420 in the damaged building, while 280 double-decker beds will cost KSh 4.1 million.

During the fire, 560 pupils were said to have lost stuff worth KSh 4.5 million.

Following the assessment, the school administration imposed a punishment of KSh 9,800 on each pupil.

Chavakali High School Students fined KSh 8.7m for Damages

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