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28 Mukumu Girls Students Hospitalized With Fever And Diarrhoea

With fever and diarrhoea, 28 students from Sacred Heart Mukumu Girls in Kakamega County have been hospitalized.

The students were taken ill three days ago on suspicion of a malaria attack, according to Nation.

Dr. William Olaka, County Director of Health, and other health officials paid a visit to the school on Tuesday.

Nine students admitted to the nearby St Elizabeth Mukumu Mission Hospital tested positive for malaria and were receiving treatment, according to their preliminary findings.

Four other people were admitted to a private hospital in Khayega, and 15 were rushed to St Elizabeth Hospital after exhibiting similar symptoms.

Dr. Olaka stated that samples had been collected for testing in order to determine whether there was an outbreak of the disease at the school, which is located near the Khayega market.

28 Mukumu Girls Students  Hospitalized With Fever And Diarrhoea

“Our preliminary investigations point to a malaria outbreak. We are still carrying out further investigations to establish what the other students could be suffering from,” Dr Olaka said.

The authorities are also looking into the possibility that the students became ill as a result of food poisoning or contaminated water.

He stated that there was no need for concern because the students were receiving treatment and were in stable condition.

There are no mosquito nets.
The students were reported to be sleeping in their dormitories without mosquito nets.

A parent told Nation.Africa that he learned about the outbreak while visiting his daughter on Saturday.


“I was informed that several students had been admitted at the nearby hospital but what shocked me is that the school administration has not communicated to parents about the incident,” said the parent.

After the public health team completes its investigations, health executive Dr Collins Matemba said a full report on the disease outbreak would be released.

A teacher at the school stated that a waterborne disease outbreak was suspected.

He speculated that the school’s water supply could have been contaminated.



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