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Schools Could Reopen Next Week. CAS Education Mumina Bonaya.

The Education CAS Mumina Bonaya has announced that schools could reopen any time because the COVID-19 curve seems to be flattening in the two or three last weeks. 

She noted that the earlier plans were to reopen schools in January next year. She said that if the virus infection rate reduces, they had agreed to re-consider the reopening dates.

Mumina added that there was nothing wrong in discussing the reopening issue adding that the Ministry of Education will decide whether to reopen all learning institutions Next week.

She asked the parents to always be ready in preparing their children so that when the president will announce that schools be opened, no learner will be left behind.

This comes a day after Professor Magoha directed teachers to prepare going back to schools. Let teachers do everything possible to make schools have a good atmosphere for learning. Children will resume learning as soon as possible” Said Magoha.

The Education Task-force picked by the Education Cabinet Secretary Professor George Magoha to advise on re-opening of schools seems to have resolved to resume studies on 19th October for all basic institutions education. The Task-force intends to submit its report to the Education Cabinet secretary tomorrow on Monday.

The health and educational experts are advocating for phased re-opening of secondary and primary schools with stage one re-opening to kick off on 19th of October. This will include standard seven and class eight candidates as well as form 3 and 4 classes. 

The Task-force Phase 2 re-opening suggests that PP1 and PP2, Grade 1, 2 and 3, class 5 and 6 and Form 1 and 2 classes to re-open learning in Nov, 2nd. 

The stakeholders also had an extra alternative proposal which is to re-open learning institutions for all levels next month on the 19th of October and assess the programmes and health concerns consequently.



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