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Schools Admit Form Ones Despite Lack Of Fees

Schools Admit Form Ones Despite Lack Of Fees.

Form One students joined secondary schools yesterday, with many parents complaining about difficulties in paying fees and purchasing school supplies.

A number of schools in Nyanza had to bend some rules in order to admit students from low-income families. This came as parents expressed their dissatisfaction with the state of the economy.

Mr Erick Duya, principal of Kisumu Boys, stated that they accepted all learners chosen to join the institution despite some parents failing to pay some fees. “We’ll admit about 600 students and allow parents to pay the fees in bits,” he said.

Maseno School had expected 700 students, but only 651 showed up. Mr. Peter Nyawach, deputy principal, said the exercise went smoothly, despite the fact that several parents were unable to pay.

The process for private schools, on the other hand, was starkly different. Mr Kidia Bernard, the head teacher at Mudasa Academy in Kisumu, stated that they expect 80 students.

According to principal Mr George Onkundi, Nyamira Boys received over 500 students, a record number for the school.

Parents and students arrived at St Anthony’s Boys in Kitale as early as 6 a.m. to queue for admission.

Mr. George Onsare, the school’s deputy principal, stated that 600 students were expected. Mr. John Mwangi praised the school for admitting his son despite the fact that he had only paid a portion of the tuition.


Ms Carol Okech, a parent at St Monica Girls, sought help from friends and family. There were also notices informing the public that there were no vacancies at St Brigid Girls in Kiminini, St Joseph’s Boys, St Anthony’s Boys Kitale, and St Joseph’s Girls.

In Bungoma, parents whose children were to get Governor Mr Wycliffe Wangamati’s scholarship, said money was not paid to schools. Some had “promissory letters” saying “the scholarship will take effect from 22nd of May.”

Parents in Kakamega and Vihiga bemoaned the high cost of school supplies. According to Mr Gerald Orina, principal of Kakamega High, over 500 students had been admitted by yesterday.

Schools Admit Form Ones Despite Lack Of Fees


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