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School Closure Has Led To Increased Number Of Street Children In Kenya Even As Reopening Date For Non-Candidates Is yet To Be Known.

Kevin Otiende, 'a wonderful man with a good heart' has won the hearts of Kenyans online for his humble and generous act. The managing director at CALLA PR made one of his 'biggest achievement' last week when he met a fourteen-year-old street boy while making a phone call outside of Nation Center on Wednesday night.

The street boy who was once in school before the first case of the Covid-19 pandemic which led to the closure of schools wanted Ksh 10 from Kevin Otiende just as it is normal for most street children in the city of Nairobi.

Instead of just giving money to the street boy, Kevin decided to first engage him before doing anything. "His name is Clinton, and he spoke really good English. He's been a street boy for 7 months since COVID-19 started, and hails from Bungoma. I asked him if he has a family and he gave me his older brother's contacts." Kevin said about the boy. He then proceeded to call the brother to the street boy who wept hysterically explaining how they've been looking for him for seven months.

" I met up with him the next day and organized a few things before taking him to board a bus back home, where he is reunited with his family." The CALLA PR manager said. Mr Kevin has resolved to educate the young promising street boy until college.

"I cannot wait for schools to reopen as I have resolved to educate him until college. I come from a humble background and I know the greatest tool you can give someone is education.
Before tipping these our children in the streets, if you can, spare a minute and ask them their names. It could be the difference they need." Kevin noted. Professor Magoha has announced the reopening of schools for class eight, grade four and form four candidates on 12th this month with the reopening date for the rest of learners yet to be decided.

Clinton is just but an example of many learners who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only did the virus spread in the country denied him his right to education but also right to shelter among others. World Health Organisation had warned Africa that continued closure of schools will ruin the future lives of school kids. With the out of school influence, exposure to the out-of-school environment is affecting the future generation.

Some say that if schools are to reopen today for all learners. Probably most of the learners won't step back to school. The Covid-19 hash and bitter experience have continued to affect the lives of learners, with drug abuse, sexual misconduct, domestic violence among others being the cause of the problem.

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Some homes have proven to be worse than the streets. For Mr Levin, he aptly learnt that had he given the young man 10 shillings, it would have done nothing to help his situation. Even better, he has reunited him with the family.

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