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School Capitation Disbursed – Ruto

School Capitation Disbursed – Ruto

The Kenyan government has taken several measures to ensure the successful reopening of schools in the country.

The government has disbursed capitation and distributed books to schools.

The President encouraged all citizens to allow students to return to school without any hindrances so that they can receive an uninterrupted education.

Over one million students will be reporting to secondary schools this week, while primary and secondary schools will resume classes on January 23.

President William Ruto announced that an additional 30,000 teachers have been hired to improve the teacher-student ratio and that Ksh 86 billion has been released to provide necessary items for students.

“We have released Ksh 86 billion to ensure our children have items necessary when they resume school,” he said.

He emphasized the importance of paying taxes, as it is crucial for the country’s economic stability.

The government provides free primary education and subsidizes secondary schools, and they have made every effort to ensure that students have a conducive learning environment.

President Ruto stressed that everyone, including parents, guardians, teachers and all citizens, should play their part in ensuring the smooth running of schools.

He said that the solution to the country’s economic challenges lies in paying taxes and urged Kenyans to do so faithfully.

With the hiring of additional teachers and the provision of adequate resources, students will be able to receive a quality education.

Today, secondary schools in Kenya will welcome 1,244,188 Form 1 students for the start of the admission process, which will last throughout the week as per the ministry’s instructions.

The Early Learning and Basic Education PS Belio Kipsang confirmed that schools have already received the books and that school fees will be released as soon as possible.

The start of the new term for Form 1 students is accompanied by strict regulations to prevent school heads from exploiting parents.

The ministry has taken several measures to ensure that the admission process runs smoothly for all learners.

School Capitation Disbursed – Ruto


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