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There are no bursary funds for 17000 needy students

There are no bursary funds for 17000 needy students

There are no bursaries available for at least 17,000 needy students in Nairobi’s 85 wards.

They are worried about getting into school, but no one knows how long they will have to wait. Schools are being urged not to send students home, according to officials.

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Acting Governor Ann Kananu stated on Tuesday that the county is still waiting for bursary funds from the National Exchequer, which is causing the delay.

“We’ve had issues of delayed disbursement from our Exchequer from the national government. But I can say in the the next few weeks we are going to get our bursaries paid,” Kananu said.

The ward bursary fund was allocated Sh4.5 million for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2022, an increase of Sh1 million from the previous year’s allocation of Sh3.5 million.

Kananu pleaded with school principals and headteachers to allow students to remain in school, promising that bursaries would be paid as soon as possible.

According to reports, the National Treasury is up to date on disbursing funds to counties.

Margaret Nyakang’o, Controller of Budget, stated that disbursement is only one month behind schedule.

However, the CoB hinted that the delay could last until the middle of this month due to county public debts.

Bursary issues are not new at City Hall, as MCAs and the Executive have been at odds over the issue in the past.

MCAs and beneficiaries complained in May 2018 about a large number of dishonoured cheques due to conflicting signatures and name mismatches.


The MCAs were perplexed when it was revealed in June 2018 that Sh297.5 million in bursary funds had been sent in error to a bank account belonging to the University of Maryland in Australia.

Nairobi County MCAs were also accused of pocketing bursaries. Needy students expected to receive Ksh 5K – Ksh 25K. MCAs diverted money to individual & company accounts.

Banking fraud detectives started probing in 2018. Some MCAs registered wives as directors in companies.

The executive explained that accountants sent money to the health donor fund account instead of the bursary account by mistake.

MCAs raised concerns in September about Sh297.5 million in bursary funds that were allegedly used to pay garbage collection contractors and lawyers.

This occurred just as schools were set to reopen in October after being closed for seven months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

There are no bursary funds for 17000 needy students



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