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Shofco’s Sh4 Million High School Grant Benefits 400 Students

Shofco’s Sh4 Million High School Grant Benefits 400 Students

More than 400 students from the Kilifi North and Kilifi South constituencies received scholarships totaling more than Sh4 million.

Shining Hope for Communities (Shofco) CEO Kennedy Odede presented the scholarship on Saturday following a meeting with members of the organization’s urban network.

At least 200 students from Kilifi South and another 200 from Kilifi North benefited from the program. “When we come together, we form a powerful force,” said Dr. Odede.

County Secretary Mkare Arnold Jefwa, Assistant County Commissioner Reuben Maroon, and Sokoni Ward MCA Gilbert Supai Peru joined the Shofco boss in Kilifi North.

“I have always heard about Shofco in Kilifi and I have come to see the owner today. I want us to work together because you have helped the people on Kilifi,” said Mr. Jefwa, pledging support from the county government.

“In partnership with Shofco, we have secured 10 acres at Pwani University to be farmed by Shofco Urban Network (SUN) members,” he added.

Mr Maroon praised Shofco’s educational commitment, saying, “You’ve supported the government in its quest to ensure 100% transition to secondary school.”

Dr. Odede promised SUN members fertilizer and seeds to be used on the Pwani University-donated 10 acres. Members intend to grow maize, watermelon, and cabbages.

Dr. Odede urged Shofco members to keep the peace both during and after the elections. “Shofco does not endorse any candidate, but we need people with integrity elected.” Voting is anonymous, and elections come and go.

“Let us avoid tribalism and fighting with our neighbors, and instead work together,” he said.

The Shofco CEO plans to launch an adult literacy program in Kilifi, as well as build a library and train youth in income-generating activities.


Dr. Odede has visited nine countries in the last month to preach peace. Shofco has also organized sessions for communities to question politicians.

Shofco began in Kibra, Nairobi. It is now in 20 counties, has received recognition, and plans to expand to 40 counties in the next five years.

Shofco’s Sh4 Million High School Grant Benefits 400 Students



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