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Kenya Education Fund Receives Sh10M For Scholarship

Kenya Education Fund Receives Sh10M For Scholarship

Prudential Life Assurance Kenya (PLAK) has donated Sh.10 million to the Kenya Education Fund (KEF) in assistance of less fortunate students.

The money will be utilized to help KEF economically underprivileged students improve their life by providing scholarships and educational opportunities, as well as for Covid-19 assistance.

Dominic Muasya, the Kenya Education Fund’s (KEF) Country Director, said this year’s application process just finished two weeks ago, with roughly 160 pupils selected for Form One out of 986 children who were shortlisted.

“We are happy to have found partners like Prudential who have been generous not only giving us money, but also the opportunity to interact with other partners of prudential, who share experiences and knowledge with the scholars,” said Muasya.

Muasya went on to say that the kids funded by Prudential Kenya are exceptional and deserving of the opportunity because of their financial circumstances as well as their academic potential.

Gwen Kinisu, Chief Executive Director of Prudential Life Assurance Kenya (PLAK), stated that this cooperation will give a financial cushion for families that have lost income and are unable to pay school fees for their children as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.


“Prudential Kenya has been working closely with the Kenya Education Fund, to fund the education of financially disadvantaged high school students from all over Kenya over the last eight years. We have supported educational programs and projects focused on allowing vulnerable children to access quality education,” said Kinisu.

She emphasized that the pandemic exposed the realities of inequality, which disproportionately impacted scholars, many of whom reside in marginalized areas of the country and had little or no access to the digital tools required to continue learning electronically during the epidemic’s closure.

Between 2014 and 2018, Prudential Kenya worked with KEF to educate over 100 students from high school through university.

Kenya Education Fund Receives Sh10M For Scholarship



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