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France Fully-Funded Scholarships for Kenyan Students

France Fully-Funded Scholarships for Kenyan Students

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Eiffel scholarship program has announced scholarship opportunities for Kenyan graduate students to study in France.

The Eiffel Excellence Programme announced scholarships for Kenyans wishing to pursue Masters and PhD programs.

The program’s organizers went on to say that the scholarships were intended for students from non-French-speaking countries.

“The goals of the programme are to train future foreign decision-makers in the private and public spheres in priority areas of study, and to attract applicants from developing countries to French master’s programs level and applicants from developing and industrialized countries to French doctoral programs,” read the statement in part.


Courses in Biology and Health, Mathematics and Digital, Science and Engineering, History and Law, Political Science and Economics, and Management are among the available opportunities under the scholarship.

Kenyan students who apply successfully will be eligible for a monthly stipend of Ksh152,923 (€1,181) for master’s program students and Ksh220,157 (€1,700) for PhD students.

Additionally, successful applicants will be eligible for fully-funded air travel as well as other benefits such as reimbursement for local travel in France.

“Round-trip international air travel between the awardee’s home country and France. The student awardee has one year from the end of the scholarship to take advantage of the return trip benefit,” the statement continued to read.

However, the program organizers have stated that the programs will only be available to students who fall within the recommended age range.

Candidates for the master’s component must be 25 or younger at the time of the competition in 2022. Candidates for the doctoral component must be under the age of 30

How to Apply

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply through various institutions of higher learning in France. 

The applications will then be submitted to the program vetting jury by the institutions.

Applicants are also encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity before the application deadline of January 7, 2022.

Following vetting, successful applicants will be notified via the Campus France website in the fourth week of April 2022. 

Interested candidates should also visit the website for more information.

France Fully-Funded Scholarships for Kenyan Students



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