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Elimu Scholarships Students Selection Process Completed

9,000 to benefit from Elimu Scholarship

Elimu Scholarships Students Selection Process Completed

The selection of students who will receive Elimu scholarships and Equity Wings to Fly has been completed.

The Elimu Scholarship will benefit 9,000 students, 5,000 of whom will be drawn from the slums.

According to Equity Group Chair James Mwangi, ESP demonstrated a direct impact on beneficiaries through consistent high performance.

Mwangi went on to say that the opportunities provided to needy students are responsible for high transition rates and exemplary leadership skills.

“High school completion rates among our scholars stand at 98% with at least 83 per cent of them attaining university entry grades,” Mwangi said.

He was speaking as he announced the end of the selection process.

The Elimu scholarship program is run in collaboration with the Kenyan government’s Ministry of Education.

The total number of secondary school scholarships awarded by Equity Group Foundation now stands at 47,009, including both Wings to Fly and Elimu scholars.

The scholarships are intended for academically gifted students who excel in their KCPE exams but face financial constraints that impede their progression to secondary school.

The Elimu scholars of this year will make up the third cohort, while the Wings to Fly scholars of 2022 will make up the thirteenth.


The scholarship covers full tuition for four years and includes a comprehensive mentorship program.

It also provides a back-to-school hamper, psychosocial support, and medical care while in school.

Members of the community who serve on Community Scholarship Selection Boards (CSSBs) and Community Scholarship Advisory Committees (CSACs) across the country helped to make the selection process possible.

Elimu Scholarships Students Selection Process Completed



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