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Elimu Scholarship Beneficiaries Warned Against Indiscipline

Elimu Scholarship Beneficiaries Warned Against Indiscipline

Needy students who are beneficiaries of the Elimu Scholarship program have been urged to maintain strict discipline in their schools.

Garissa Township Deputy County Commissioner Solomon Komen warned students and parents in Garissa that any disobedient student would be barred from participating in the program.

A total of 115 students were chosen for the program in the county, and they will be required to present their end-of-term report forms, newsletters, and fee structure to Equity Bank, which is implementing the program on behalf of the government.

Komen stated that the government would not sponsor anyone to attend school in order to cause strikes and unruly behavior rather than study.

“Everything is going to be given to you; shopping, books and even pocket money. You only have to go to school and work hard knowing where you have come from,” Komen said.

“You have to stay in the schools you have been placed for all those four years. We don’t want to start having cases of transfers here and there especially if you are in this sponsorship,” he added.

The DCC also urged parents and guardians to keep an eye on their children and know where they are at all times while they are on vacation at home.

Area Sub County Director of Education Ali Buthul urged parents to follow the ministry’s guidelines, including attending monthly meetings when called.

“Parents will be responsible for creating a conducive learning environment for their children at home, as well as setting aside time for them to do their homework and revise,” Buthul explained.

This year, a total of 9000 students were chosen for the Elimu scholarship across the country, with another 1000 selected under the Wings to Fly program.


Elimu Scholarship Beneficiaries Warned Against Indiscipline



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