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Sanlam Kenya’s Schools Project Kicks Off to Improve School Facilities

Sanlam Kenya’s Schools Project Kicks Off to Improve School Facilities

Sanlam Kenya, a local finance solutions provider, has announced its commitment to improving learning facilities in three schools located in Kitui and Nyeri counties. Over 700 students are expected to benefit from this initiative.

Under the Sanlam Kenya Schools Project in partnership with World Vision Kenya, Kalatine Primary School and Kakululo Secondary School in Mwingi, Kitui County, and Birisha Primary School in Mweiga, Nyeri County, will receive infrastructure support worth Kshs 21.1m.

Sanlam Kenya Group CEO Dr Nyamemba Tumbo has affirmed the company’s commitment to facilitating a conducive learning environment for Kenyan students.

The project aims to provide a new classroom for Kalatine Primary School, renovation of existing classrooms for the same school, a new girls’ dormitory for Kakululo Secondary School and a new classroom for Birisha Primary School.

The project is part of the company’s existing support for the education sector, which includes providing short- and long-term financial options to households of all income levels.

Education is a crucial area for Sanlam Kenya, as the company believes that it can create greater equality in the country. The Sanlam Kenya Schools Project supports the company’s belief that access to quality education is a fundamental right for all children.

The initiative will create a conducive environment for the learners, thereby improving their academic performance. The support has been extended through World Vision Kenya, which will be the implementing partner for the project.

The partnership between Sanlam Kenya and World Vision Kenya will go a long way in ensuring that more Kenyan children have access to quality education.

Sanlam Kenya is committed to positively impacting society and believes that education is an essential tool for achieving this objective. The company’s long-term focus on the education sector is commendable, as it will help to address the gaps in access to quality education in Kenya.

The company’s commitment to this sector is also in line with the government’s efforts to provide universal access to quality education.

Kenya has made significant progress in expanding access to education in recent years, but more needs to be done to ensure that all children have access to quality education.

Sanlam Kenya’s contribution to this cause is an example of how the private sector can support the government’s efforts to expand access to quality education.

Sanlam Kenya’s Schools Project Kicks Off to Improve School Facilities


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