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Ringa High School Stranded After Dormitory Was Burnt Down As Parents Feud Over Probe Into 4 School Fires At Sigalame Boys

Ringa High School Stranded After Dormitory Was Burnt Down As Parents Feud Over Probe Into 4 School Fires At Sigalame Boys

After their dormitory was burned down, more than 300 students at Ringa Boys High School in Homa Bay are concerned about sleeping outside in the cold. The dormitory, which housed 307 students, was demolished at dawn on Wednesday.

The majority of the students are candidates for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. Nothing was salvaged from the dorm, according to the principal, Austin Muma. Muma stated that the fire started while the students were in class.


"The students were in class when they realised that fire had broken ouL They did not salvage any-thing since by the time they arrived at the scene, the dormitory was engulfed in flames," Muma said. 

The cause of the fire is yet to be determined. The principal appealed to well-wishers to provide humanitarian aid to his students.

 "I still don't know where the students will sleep because the dormitory is no longer habitable," he said. On Wednesday, the incident disrupted learning at the school.

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Moses Lilan, Homa Bay County Commissioner, confirmed that no one was killed in the incident. Lilan stated that they were organizing an emergency response to ensure that the students were accommodated. The chief of police stated that an investigation into the incident had been launched.

Calls for sobriety as parents feud over probe into four school fires 

Police in Busia County have denied claims that they are delaying investigations into the cause of frequent fires at Sigalame Boys High School. In the last 54 days, there have been four fires at the school.

The Busia County Education Committee stated that investigating officers had not presented a single report following the razing of four dormitories and the loss of property worth Sh6 million.

Vice-chairman of the Committee, George Obwogo, said it was a travesty of the highest order that the fourth dormitory had been burned down while no one had been arrested, no police report had been issued, and no assurance had been given that the children were safe.

He stated that the investigational stalemate could be artificial or real, raising the question of whether someone is influencing the inquest to the detriment of learners and their parents while nothing tangible is done.


The fire at Ndenda House on Monday at 8 p.m. followed those at Lenana House on August 25 and Haile Salasie on August 10. On July 26, the Kilimo Dormitory was the first to be demolished.

The parents' association is concerned that this will have an impact on the school's performance, which had a C (plus) of 6.7 in the KCSE last year. Busia County Police Commander John Nyoike stated that his officers were hard at work away from the public eye. He demanded sobriety.

The school has invited independent investigators, who have linked the fires to supply cartels that lost lucrative tenders. The investigators shared their findings, which were to be presented to the school's management board this week.

"The school has a population of 1,780 boys who consume at least 60 bags of maize and beans every week. There are also tenders on re-pairs. The fires start and end at that they have nothing to do with indis-cipline among students," Maseno University lecturer Os-borne Mabalu, who chairs the independent investigations team, said. 

The administration changed as a result of nepotism and a review of the supplier list. The rival suppliers may be fighting through fires. Little efforts have been done; an accounts clerk, a bursar, caterers, and a storekeeper have all been placed on unpaid leave. In addition, four teachers have been transferred.

Peter Auma, who left Onliko Boys' in Kisumu to replace Joseph Were last year, is the school's principal. Mr Were had spent twelve years at the Funyula Constituency Institution, which was founded in 1965. Regional Education Director Stephen Barongo has urged stakeholders to give investigators adequate time.



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