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Retired Teacher Mutilated, Heart Removed

Retired Teacher Mutilated, Heart Removed

A retired Nyamira teacher was murdered and his heart was stripped.

According to police and witnesses, some of Momanyi Obonyo’s body parts were also ripped in the Monday evening killing.

His body was discovered at the gate to his Borabu home. Police arrived at the scene on Tuesday and took statements.

According to preliminary findings, Obonyo, 54, was murdered because of a land dispute.

Police said they don’t know why the heart was removed, but they suspect it was a ritual killing. They have not yet made an arrest.

The body was taken to the morgue at Gucha Hospital in Keroka town for a postmortem.

According to police, the murder occurred just hours after two bodies of young men were discovered tied to a blue gum tree in Kisii’s Bonchari subcounty on Monday.

Before they were killed, the two were tied to a tree. They were discovered at the Nyamokenye Primary School entrance.

The two are said to have been lynched by a mob after being caught breaking into a house in the nearby Gesonso market on Sunday night.

Police spokesman Bruno Shioso expressed concern about an increase in mob lynchings. He stated that police will implement programs to educate people about the dangers of drugs.

“Those caught over such issues will be dealt with accordingly,” he said.

Meanwhile, two men suffocated while repairing a septic tank at Kenyoro Health Centre in Ekerenyo, Nyamira county.

Isaac Maneno Okerio, 40, and Anuri Mauari Nyagaga, 58, were using a generator to pump water out of the tank when they suffocated.

The bodies were taken to the Nyamira hospital mortuary by police.

Retired Teacher Mutilated, Heart Removed


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