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Retain Grade 6 students in Primary Schools — Shollei

Retain Grade 6 students in Primary Schools — Shollei.

Gladys Boss Shollei, vice-speaker of the National Assembly, has advised the administration not to send Grade 6 kids to secondary schools.

During an interview with Citizen TV, the Uasin Gishu women representative stated that the relocation will put children in danger.

“Please do not take the small children to secondary schools. As a mother of two generations of children, I have seen the difference. You cannot put them together,” she said. 

Shollei stated that the issues faced by older children are distinct from those faced by younger children, adding that the move is unwise.

“You don’t have to be an education expert, you just need to be a parent. The age difference is like night and day. The older ones go through different body changes that the young ones don’t,” she said.

Every school system should be examined every five years, according to the lawmaker, thus now is a good moment to address the system.

“We have tried it, we have seen the good and the bad of the CBC system. It is our chance as a country to look it and reset it on the right path,” she said. 

David Pkosing, a representative for Pokot South, stated that Grade 6 students are still children and should be kept in elementary school so that their parents may guide them until they reach maturity.

“They are practically kids, most of the secondary schools are boarding. Allow us, as parents, to mentor them first,” he said. 

On Monday, almost 1,6 million registered Grade 6 students will participate in the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment.

There will be two exam portions for Grade 8 and Grade 6 students in elementary schools.

Retain Grade 6 students in Primary Schools — Shollei.


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