Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Re-opening Without Warning. What Next For Candidates Without Examination Centres


Latest reports reveal that more than 200 private schools were shut down forever due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Some have been turned to residential houses, hospitals, business centres and even chicken farms. It is not wrong to bow down to forces of nature when but we need to appreciate the thousands of innocent school-going children do not have schools to go back to.

Hundreds of Grade 4 learners, KCPE and KCSE candidates Reopened schools this week only to find classes full of chicks and their playfields planted with kales and spinach.

It is now clear that some candidates do not have centres where they shall write their national exams in March 2021. KNEC now says that candidates cannot change their examination centres this late.

The most reasonable and obvious thing they would do is to look for an alternative school and the public schools were not an easy pick.

Some candidates with the support and help of their parents had already secured admission to public learning institutions, partly because their previous schools were shut down or their parents could not afford the hefty fees charged in private schools.

It is amusing for education stakeholders as senior as Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) saying those unfortunate should have no option.

The only way for them is to wait for their school proprietors to consider reverting their businesses to schools.

What KNEC forgets is that it is its mandate to ensure that all registered candidates sit for their national examination in time, with or without examination centres.

Blocking them from joining new schools is not only counter-productive but also an act of consideration. Candidates are worried, their parents are bewildered.

It's only fair that an explanation and a solution is accorded to them.


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