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Pupil Commits Suicide Over ‘Hot Water’ squabble

Pupil Commits Suicide Over ‘Hot Water’ squabble.

On Wednesday, a pupil committed suicide after a domestic dispute in Ndiambo village, Kirinyaga County.

The Standard Seven girl was discovered hanging from the family house’s roof, a rope around her neck.

According to family members, the victim was irritated when her mother forbade her from using a gas cooker to boil water.

The 12-year-old girl then committed suicide.

The victim’s younger brother found the body and contacted family members.

” I was shocked when I learnt of the death,” the girl’s grandmother said.

She expressed regret that the minor’s life had been lost over an issue that may have been solved.

Residents are still in shock as a result of what happened.

“We are yet to know why the school girl committed suicide,” one of the residents said.

The body was brought to Mwea Mission Hospital Mortuary, according to Mwea-East Police Commander Daniel Kitavi.

” We have been told that the girl committed suicide after she differed with her mother over domestic issues, but we are yet to establish the truth of the matter,” said Mr Kitavi.

To avoid similar instances, he advised parents to communicate with their children “properly.”

Meru Pupil Injured By Colleague in a Knife Attack Over Food

Meru Pupil Injured By Colleague in a Knife Attack Over Food
Meru Pupil Injured By Colleague in a Knife Attack Over Food

A 14-year-old schoolgirl is in critical condition after being stabbed with a knife by a fellow pupil during a food fight in Kisimani village, Igembe South, Meru County.

The Kisimani Primary School Standard Eight student had gone to collect water when her attacker came from a bush and slashed her head, lips, and nose.

The perpetrator, claimed to be a standard 7 girl, fled, leaving Gloria bleeding severely from cuts that split her mouth and nose.

According to the victim’s aunt, a Good Samaritan who spotted her lying by the road took her home. The victim is an orphan raised by her grandma.

She was transported to Nyambene Level Four hospital, where she was stitched to stem the bleeding before being transferred to Meru Level Five for more specialized care of the mouth and nose.

Dr. Elaine Kamere, a dentist at Meru Level Five Hospital, said the girl had small scratches on her head and that physicians had rebuilt her nose and top lip.

During the scuffle, she was also bitten on the hand.

“We are expecting that she will make a full recovery. The injured teeth will be immobilised and will be fully recovered in six months,” said Dr. Kamere.

The KCPE candidate recounted the incident, saying she had accepted lunch from a teacher when the other pupil began teasing her that she always relied on teacher food handouts.

They were on their way home after a brief quarrel at school when the assailant attacked her with the knife as she was on her way to collect water.

“I thought the matter had been settled since I didn’t habour any grudges. I was shocked when she attacked me with a knife. She stabbed me but I managed to knock disarm her though she had already severely injured me. I am afraid of going back to the school since she might attack me again,” cried the victim.

She expressed her desire to take her KCPE and pursue her dream of becoming a nurse while speaking at the hospital where she had gone for additional treatment.

She asked for help from others to provide food for her, her grandma, and two other orphaned cousins.

“The grandmother suffers from asthma and has high blood pressure and is also taking care of three children. Sometimes, they sleep hungry and that is why kind teachers usually assist her with food. She performs well and sometimes attains 280 marks despite the challenges she goes through,” said her aunt.

Lady charged with stabbing husband over minor’s school fees

Lady charged with stabbing husband over minor's school fees
Lady charged with stabbing husband over minor’s school fees

A lady has been charged in a Kibera court with attempting to kill her husband with a knife after a quarrel about a minor’s school tuition.

Faith Anyango was charged with attempting to murder Clever Odhiambo Abongo on October 3 at Raila Slums in Nairobi County’s Lang’ata sub-county.

Before Kibera’s senior principal magistrate, Phillip Mutua, she pleaded not guilty.

The father was allegedly attacked after visiting the woman so they could discuss their child’s school costs after they disagreed.

The prosecution told the court that the victim was still in critical condition and requested the judge not release the suspect on cash bail.

It went on to say that the nature of the offense was severe and that the court needed to consider numerous factors before making bond decisions.

Following the attack, some relatives rescued the man, who arranged for a taxi to take him to the police station, where a report was lodged before he was sent to the hospital.

In court, the accused, through her counsel, pleaded for a low bond sentence.

The accused’s lawyer informed the court that he was not a flight risk and begged the judge to give him monetary bail.

Before bond determinations, the magistrate ordered a probation report.

Pupil Commits Suicide Over ‘Hot Water’ squabble


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