Saturday, March 25, 2023
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Pupil Arrested For Killing His Younger Brother In Nyamira County

A standard eight pupil has been arrested and put in custody for ending his brother's life in Kebirigo village, Namira County. The sixteent year old pupil had quarreled with his younger blood brother aged fourteen years. 

The pupil admitted that he murdered his own brother over a small land dispute on Friday last week. According to the Nyamira County Police Commander Mrs Catherine Mugwe, the deceased was hit using a hoe right behind his head which led to his instant death. 

The suspect, a candidate in one of the local schools, was not pleased by his younger brother for planting 'sukuma wiki' for napier grass and even went ahead to the vegetable plantation and planted grass. 

The suspect, after committing the act, he buried his brother without anyone's consent in a banana pit which he had dug waiting to plant a sucker. After one night he went to exhume the dead body and left to report the case to his mother. 

It was then when his mother raised the alarm as locals came to witness the matter. The two brothers were in the same local school according to Kebirigo's Chief Okioga's report. Their mother has been taking care of her sons alone after their father departed from where they stayed. 

Chief Okioga said that the boy is being is held in at the Nyamira Station to help the police carry on the investigation for evidence. Her mother is also held at the police station. The suspect will be arraigned in court later after conclusion of investigation. 


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