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Prof. George Magoha’s Last Moments

Prof. George Magoha’s Last Moments

Dr. Walter Mwanda, a close friend of the late Prof. George Magoha, described the former Education Cabinet Secretary’s (CS) final moments of life.

Mwanda stated to the reporters at the Lee Funeral Home on January 24 that he was on duty at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) when he received a call from Dr. Barbra Odudu Magoha, Magoha’s wife.

“At about 3p.m she called me and told me that she needed me urgently. I asked a doctor to take over the patient’s examination and got into my car and left for his home.

“A few minutes, she called me again and asked me whether I had a blood pressure machine. So I rushed back to my clinic and got one,” he stated.

As he approached the Magoha residence, he received a third phone call from Dr. Barbra, who asked if he would get an ambulance.

At the residence, he was received by Dr. Michael Magoha, the deceased CS’s son, who escorted him to his father’s grave.

“I found him seated and proceeded to take his blood pressure. As I was recording, he slipped off from his sitting position, so we carried him to the son’s car,” Mwanda narrated.

They followed the vehicle to the hospital in Nairobi. Again, Magoha fell upon arriving.

“He suffered a collapse and was resuscitated back by his son, a medical doctor. However, a few metres to the casualty section, he collapsed again

“The medical staff attempted resuscitation, which took a bit of time but they were not able to bring him back,” Mwanda recounted.

The body of Magoha was transported to the Lee Funeral Home.

Several leaders, including President William Ruto, former President Uhuru Kenyatta, and the leader of the Azimio party, Raila Odinga, praised him as a conscientious public servant.

Prof. George Magoha’s Last Moments


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