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Prof George Magoha’s Last Advice to Candidates: Stop Sex, Focus on School

Prof George Magoha’s Last Advice to Candidates: Stop Sex, Focus on School

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of former Education Cabinet Secretary, George Magoha, who collapsed at his Nairobi home on January 24 and was later pronounced dead at the Nairobi Hospital. He was 71 years old.

In his final days as Cabinet Secretary, Magoha had a strong message for primary school students, particularly in regards to their sexual behavior.

During a visit to Kakamega Primary School in May 2022, Magoha urged the children to focus on their studies rather than engaging in premature sexual activity.

“How can you be sexually active when you are in primary school? Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and you are not supposed to even think of how you will reproduce. You will have time to do all those things that seem important now. Instead, focus on your studies,” he told the pupils.

Magoha also warned the candidates against losing focus due to the adolescent stage they were entering and advised them to avoid paying too much attention to matters that would affect their academic results.

“If you see a teacher looking at your neck suggestively, report him and I will deal with him,” he added.

He called on the candidates to maintain the school’s exemplary performance and urged them to have self-drive in order to be successful.

“You have reached a stage where your hormones are making you feel a way you don’t always understand. You will start feeling attracted to each other. When the hormones come, just believe in yourself and have self-drive. That’s the only gateway to success,” he said.

In addition, Magoha emphasized the importance of children reporting any teachers who make sexual advances towards them and urged parents to spend more time with their children in order to instill discipline.

He also urged parents to allow their children to do house chores in order to help them learn responsibility.

Magoha’s comments came at a time when teenage pregnancy was becoming a growing concern in Kakamega, with 558 teenagers aged between 10-13 years getting pregnant in 2021, according to the Kakamega County Reproductive Health Coordinator.

The Ministry of Health has stated that it is illegal to offer family planning methods to children under 18, with severe consequences for those who do so.

The unfortunate passing of Magoha leaves a void in the education sector, but his message and concerns for young students will continue to be remembered.

Prof George Magoha’s Last Advice to Candidates: Stop Sex, Focus on School


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