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Private Schools Audit On CBC Classrooms Begins This Week

The Ministry of Education will inspect private schools to determine their preparedness for junior secondary school.

Private Schools Audit On CBC Classrooms Begins This Week.

The Ministry of Education will inspect private schools beginning this week to determine whether they have adequate infrastructure for junior high schools before the second phase of the Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC) rollout.

The government is concerned that there will be insufficient classrooms and accommodation spaces for students transitioning from Grade Six to Junior Secondary.

The first batch of Grade Six students will begin secondary school in January.

‘‘We will inspect private schools to see if they are prepared for the rollout of junior secondary. They have assured us of 5,000 classrooms before the end of the year and as of now, they have already put up 1,200 classrooms,’’ said Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha

The Secretary of State spoke yesterday at Mwiki Secondary School in Nairobi, where he was inaugurating CBC classrooms.

He stated that the government will ensure that adequate infrastructure is in place by January of next year.

The government anticipates that private schools will provide 5,000 classrooms. So far, the ministry has built 10,000.

According to Prof Magoha, 2.5 million students will move from Grade Six to Junior Secondary next year.

“From tomorrow or the next day, we will start with Moi Education Centre in Kibra constituency then proceed to Runda to ascertain the level of preparedness,’’ said Prof Magoha. 

The move comes three weeks after the Kenyan Unified Alternative Provision of Basic Education and Training (APBET) Schools Association accused the government of excluding them from junior secondary decision-making.

APBET schools were kept in the dark, according to Chairman Moses Wokono, despite their arrival as an alternative provider of basic education and training.

“We call upon the ministry to include us in the new registration guidelines for schools. The junior secondary debate is on.

“We need to give our views as we seek to complement the government in the provision of education in areas where public schools are not available or affordable,’’ said Wokono.


At the same time, the CS stated that the selection and placement process, which allows students to change their schools of choice, will be replaced.

He noted that the best method of applying to junior secondary schools is being worked on to ensure children have the best way out to select preferred schools.

Private Schools Audit On CBC Classrooms Begins This Week


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