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Principals Instructed Not to Send Candidates Home For Fees

Principals Instructed Not to Send Candidates Home For Fees

School heads have been told not to send candidates for fees to ensure that the curriculum is finished before the national exams.

Tana River County Director of Education, Khalif Hassan, stated that they had issued an order prohibiting school administrators from expelling children with outstanding fees.

The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) examinations will be administered from 28 to 30 November.

The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) test will be administered from 21 to 23 December.

“This term there are national examinations, KCPE we have registered 8641, KCSE 2511, and KPSEA for grade six learners 9605 candidates.”

“We have encouraged head teachers through Sub-County Education Officers not to send them home due to lack of fees. They should stay in school and prepare for exams,” said the County Director of Education.

He stated that all applicants who have registered for national examinations are required to take all of their exams.

“The era when a person registers for exams and then disappears until the day of the exams is long gone; fees should not be an obstacle,” he said.

Since the Supreme Court declared the Constituency Development Fund Act of 2013 unconstitutional in August, many parents are uncertain about the future of Constituency Development Fund bursaries.

Although Galole MP Said Hiribae had pledged to maintain his scheme of covering all secondary school kids’ fees, parents did not pay a dollar.

According to the County Director of Education, the program has assisted in keeping pupils in school.

Approximately 13,000 students attend secondary school. “We encourage students to remain in school,” stated the director of education.

There are eleven secondary schools, and we would like to thank the Galole constituency MP. CDF used to pay Ksh35,000 for boarding schools and Ksh15,000 for day schools.

Khalif Hassan indicated that individuals enrolled in boarding schools would be required to attend day school if the CDF problem is not resolved.

Principals Instructed Not to Send Candidates Home For Fees


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