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Principals Challenge Ruto to Hire 116,000 Teachers as Promised

Principals Challenge Ruto to Hire 116,000 Teachers as Promised

Indimuli Kahi, the chairperson of the Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association (Kessha), has challenged the President to keep his promise of recruiting 116,000 teachers.

Mr Kahi went on to say that public schools were grossly understaffed and that school boards had to hire teachers for the affected subjects.

“The President gave me a signed copy of that charter. I’d like to remind him that he promised to employ half of the shortfall in his first financial year,” he added. 

Akello Misori, secretary-general of the Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers, has also called for a solution to the school staffing crisis.

During the most recent recruitment in July, more than 356,000 unemployed teachers applied for the 14,460 vacancies advertised by the TSC.

Most applicants were for post-primary teaching positions, with 219,311 teachers expressing interest in the 4,000 declared vacancies.

The commission received 136,833 applications for the 1,000 new primary school teacher positions advertised.

Mr. Kahi and Mr. Misori also asked the government to provide a safe working environment for teachers, noting that insecurity had forced teachers to avoid such areas.

Dr. Macharia thanked the President for appointing eight classroom teachers to the Presidential Working Party on Education Reforms. Last week, the team was formed.

Mr. Anthony Cheruiyot Sitienei, Dr. Margaret Chege, Mr. Peter Tabichi, Ms. Jane Kimiti, Ms. Jacinta Ngure, Mr. Bernard Kariuki Njoroge, Ms. Virginia Wahome, and Ms. Salome Eyangan are teachers.

Dr. Reuben Nthamburi, director of quality assurance, represents the TSC secretariat.

“The commission is fully prepared to comply with the recommendations of the Working Party as would be directed by the Head of State,” Dr. Macharia said.

Mr. Kahi stated that Kessha would provide its thoughts and advice to the Presidential Working Party.

“The voice of the teacher will be important. We’ll not shy away. CBC is the only way we can turn around the pyramid so that the base is at the top,” he said, adding that parents need to consider enrolling their children in day junior secondary schools.

He claimed that the demand for top boarding schools had caused overcrowding in those institutions.

During the event, over 300 teachers were recognized for their outstanding performance in teaching and management.

Principals Challenge Ruto to Hire 116,000 Teachers as Promised


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