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Primary Teachers Want To Be Included In CBC Taskforce

Primary Teachers Want To Be Included In CBC Taskforce

Primary school heads are seeking to be included in the education task force that will be established by President William Ruto.

Johnathan Nzioka, chairman of the Kenya Primary Schools Head Teachers Association, stated that his organization is interested and requested Ruto to include them in the team’s composition.

‘‘We have been the implementing factor of the CBC project and to ensure the government policy is implemented. We look forward to being part of the taskforce team,’’ said Nzioka.

He stated that teachers will be able to share their experiences and learn from renowned educationists from around the world who are scheduled to deliver keynote talks.

During a stakeholder meeting preceding this year’s national conference, he stated, ‘‘We will expect the Taskforce to look into our concerns and ensure the gaping gaps are addressed and any shortcomings will be addressed”

The conference, which will be held from December 3-8 at the Sheikh Zayed Children Welfare Centre in Mombasa, will bring together 15,000 heads of elementary schools.

Nzioka advised teachers to keep politics out of the debate over CBC reforms and to instead demonstrate a great deal of sobriety and provide helpful suggestions.

‘‘As teachers, let’s debate on preparedness and our role in the ongoing education reforms and seeking inclusivity and equity, and entrenching value-based education in the country,’’ Nzioka said.

Hesbon Otieno, the Deputy Secretary General of the Kenya National Union of Teachers, stated that many accomplishments could be lost if politics takes center stage.

He asked teachers to be sober when discussing CBC.
Let’s not allow ourselves to take center stage on criticizing the same curriculum we are entrusted to midwife,’’ Otieno said.

Primary Teachers Want To Be Included In CBC Taskforce


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