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Schools Implement 4-K Club Agricultural Model

Schools Implement 4-K Club Agricultural Model

In primary schools in Homa Bay County, a non-governmental organization called “In My Small Way Youth Organization” is putting the recently revived 4-K Club model into practice.

President Uhuru Kenyatta reintroduced the 4-K club program in June of last year to support the development of young farmers.

Kuungana, Kufanya, Kusaidia Kenya is the abbreviation for the phrase “come together, do, and help Kenya.”

Through its program, which is implemented in Oriwo, Kodhoch, and Nyabiagi Primary Schools, the NGO, which is based in Kibiri Ward within Rachuonyo North, aims to instill a positive attitude toward agriculture in school-age children.

Additionally, the program aims to inspire and dedicate a new generation to agriculture.

By involving students and instilling in them the spirit of agriculture for food security, according to program coordinator Aphline Yogo, they hope to assist the government in achieving its goals for food and nutrition.

“As an organization, we ventured into this programme to help the government in the implementation of the model for the good of Kenyans since agriculture is part of the big four agenda under food and nutrition,” she said.

Before securing a small plot of land for the club’s activities, the organization is training students in farming.

“The club is just like any other, but the only difference is that we major in agriculture. Here, the kids are taught on the importance of co-existing for the betterment of society. “Before commencing, we usually undertake them into a training on the concepts of agriculture and the best practices therein,” Yogo noted.

To ensure sustainability, the produce, which includes vegetables, is sold to locals. The proceeds are then used to buy more seeds and pesticides for the club.

In order to ensure that children will remain passionate about agriculture as they grow older, the group is inspiring a generation of agri-preneurs in them. They teach them how to sell the farm’s produce so that the proceeds can be used to purchase additional seeds and other necessities.

The kids are also urged to teach their parents back home the value of having a kitchen garden so they can save their meager funds rather than spending them on food, including vegetables they can grow themselves.

As a means of environmental preservation, Yogo said that the aforementioned schools also participate in tree-planting activities. She claimed that they have so far been able to plant at least 300 trees.

In one of the schools where aquaculture activities are conducted. The organization had secured a fish pond through a donation from Aquaculture Business Development Programme (ABDP).


In My Small Way Youth Organization also campaigns against teen pregnancy, early marriage, and gender-based violence through one of its advocacy programs called the She Leads Program.

The main goal of the program is to amplify the voices of girls and young women. It is attempting to advocate against all of these considering numerous instances of defilements, child marriages, teenage pregnancies, and GBV.

“Previously, we were working with girls on menstrual hygiene where we empowered them economically so they could get sanitary towels the right way,” she said.

Schools Implement 4-K Club Agricultural Model



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