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27 Nairobi Primary Schools Picked For Junior Secondary

27 Nairobi Primary Schools Picked For Junior Secondary

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha announced that his Ministry has made significant progress in preparing primary schools to host junior secondary students.

Speaking in Kiambu County on Wednesday, July 20, the CS stated that over 27 primary schools in Nairobi had already passed the test.

He also stated that the number is expected to rise by Friday, July 22, when he will issue an official statement announcing the schools.

Magoha also stated that the Ministry was on track to meet President Uhuru Kenyatta’s promise of 10,000 classrooms for junior secondary students.

“Our target is to ensure that the 10,000 classrooms promised by the President are ready. So far we have commissioned about 50. I think next week we shall commission a large number. 

“Despite a lot of noise from the busybodies, we are actually very focused on our children. In Nairobi, for example, we have registered about 27 primary schools that have satisfied our situation to convert to junior secondary schools,” he stated.

The announcement marks a significant milestone since the CS directed private schools in early July to build new classrooms to accommodate students transitioning from Grade 6 to Junior Secondary School in January 2023.

At the time, he assured Kenyans that the Ministry of Education was ready to enroll all 1.28 million Grade 6 students in junior secondary school with little or no difficulty.

“We have said that junior secondary schools shall be hosted in secondary schools, but we have walked back because of the circumstances in the private sector.

“The private primary schools can create stand-alone junior high schools. It’s a win-win situation,” the CS explained.

In his Kiambu County tour, Magoha also claimed that since taking office, he has ensured value for money, dismissing claims that his team squandered Ksh10 million on school inspection trips.


An earlier report by Auditor-General Nancy Gathungu indicated that some ghost schools, allegedly set up by ministry staff, had syphoned north of Ksh85 billion.

She reported questionable school bank accounts and sloppy bookkeeping.

“One other good thing to say is that most of the things are measurable and they shall remain even when we are gone,” Magoha, however, refuted.

27 Nairobi Primary Schools Picked For Junior Secondary



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