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Primary Schools That Thrilled Audiences at National Music Festivals in Kisumu

Primary Schools That Thrilled Audiences at National Music Festivals in Kisumu

The National Kenya Music Festival kicked off in Kisumu with a bang as children from Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) institutes showcased their abilities.

After a two-year hiatus, the young students converted the stages into their playground and wowed the audience at an event that attracted thousands of participants.

In the first phase of the event, clusters of students in grades one through three, aged between four and eight years, participated.

This was the first time the event was held after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and if the performances of the young learners on the first day are any indication, it has lived up to expectations.

Saturday’s concerts featured African songs arranged for mixed voices and performed for elementary schools. Ngere Primary School, Lubinu, Kalobeyei Primary School, Ebusakami, Rafina Academy, and Grace Academy displayed their works.

The others were Kimai Enkora, Kipsigor, DEB Keria, Awasi, Overcoming Faith, NYS Huduma, and NYS Yatta.

The Bamburi Primary School performed an Islamic religious song. After them came Sagana Muslim Primary School. Sony Sugar, Huambale, Kimilili Girls, Ayany, Mararet, Sowene Taita, and Kanthanje primary schools all contributed excellent works.

The music festival has expanded by utilizing readily accessible resources and possibilities.

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Through the event, the largest extracurricular activity at the Ministry of Education, students continue to use and cultivate their skills to live happy and enjoyable lives.

As the youngsters showcased their singing games, the three schools sponsoring the event, Kisumu Girls, Kisumu Boys, and Arya primary school, were a swarm of activity.

Mwea Primary School from Embu was among the top performers after its ECDE students delivered an enthralling performance in a category known as the African Style Singing Game.

The young students emerged as the category’s overall champions.

Moments after being crowned, the youngsters erupted in joy as the audience applauded their outstanding performance.

Henry Muturi, the school’s head, was happy with his students’ performance and stated that they had been well-trained.

“They have demonstrated talent. “I am pleased with the performance,” stated Muturi, who also lauded Competency-Based Education (CBC), which he deemed essential for fostering talent development.

Seven-year-old Katline Doris from Good Testimony Elementary School won the public speaking category.

She was beaming shortly after receiving her prize.

The chair of the festival, Peter Wanjohi, remarked that they were impressed with the performances of the young students.

He stated that the festival would play a vital role in fostering the development of the young students’ talents and reassured the parents that it was the best step for the children.

“We are pleased that Kenyan children have gathered to exhibit their talents. They learn and perform Western and native-culture songs, as Wanjohi explained.

According to the official, the young students will be followed by older students in the primary schools, who are anticipating more impressive performances from the groups that will take the stage.

Wanjohi assured parents that they need not worry about their children’s safety during the event because their needs would be met.

At Kisumu Boys High School, Kalobeyei Primary School students from Turkana County wowed the audience with an original Merile folk song.

Kwale County students from Inondo Primary School performed an enthralling Sukuma song at the same place.

Muluanda Primary School from the Western region was among the best performers.

In the class 167 category, the school received a total of 88 points, with the judges noting that accompaniments and composition were the most prominent elements.

The performances of Ekerenyo from Nyanza and Nairobi Baptist from Nairobi County also delighted the judges.

Professor Fredrick Ngala, one of the adjudicators at Kisumu Boys High School, instructed choir masters to refrain from singing so as not to interfere with the tone of the students.

In addition, he emphasized that accouterments should serve the desired goal and not be brought for their own sake.

His colleague Vivian Gichuhi encouraged students to be neither dispersed nor crowded on stage.

The Festival returns after a two­year hiatus due to the COVID­19 pandemic and will celebrate its 94th edition this year.

It will run from today, September 17, through Sunday, September 25, under the theme “Kenya My Pride, My Future.”

In addition to Kisumu Boys High school, Kisumu Girls High school and Arya Primary school are other venues where security has been increased.

Event organizers are eager to duplicate the event’s prior successes in other regions of the country.

On Saturday, September 24, a state concert will be conducted at Kisumu State Lodge with President William Ruto as the guest of honor. Trophies and certificates will be handed to the final winners.

As the focus switches to other categories, more schools will participate in today’s event.

The event will conclude on September 24 with a state concert at Kisumu State Lodge, where trophies and awards will be presented.

This year’s theme, “Kenya my future,” aims to promote a sense of nationalism via music, dancing, and speech.

The patriotic composition “Tunajivunia Kenya nchi yetu” by the late Dr. Arthur Kemoli was a unique set piece for mixed voices.

Dr. Kemoli, who conducted the University of Nairobi and Kariokor choirs for many years, was given the Order of the Grand Warrior in 1998 for his creative contributions.

Among his major works is the renowned “Fimbo ya Nyayo” from the Nyayo period. Kemoli was also a member of the expert team that composed the anthem for the African Union in 1986.

The Kenya Revenue Authority will fund special compositions on the theme “Tulipe ushuru, tujitegemee” for today’s highlights.

Gilwadzi, Eldo Mbaraka Elementary, Limuru Township, Kapkuseng, Chumo School, and Huduma NYS Yatta Primary are anticipated to present their works.

Primary Schools That Thrilled Audiences at National Music Festivals in Kisumu

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