Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Primary schools never recieved funds for the implementation of COVID-19 protocols. KNUT SG Wilson Sossion claims.

Wilson Sossion has revealed that no money was wired to primary schools for the implementation of COVID-19 protocols. He wondered how countries poorer than Kenya directed money to learning institution for the implementation of covid-19 measures.

“No primary school received even a single cent for COVID. Secondary schools received Ksh.500 per learner which is not adequate. Kenya is a nation where we are good at talking and building castles in the air. COVID is testing us.” Wilson Sossion said.

Some schools had to borrow money from other vote heads to transfer to buying masks and other necessities for PPEs. He noted that Rwanda was able to put up 22,000 classrooms during school close down.

“We still insist, Children are more safe in school than at home. Look at the case of the mysterious disappearance of children designing how to enjoy life and spend time away as they await School Reopening in January” the SG said on Monday.

The KNUT SG said each school should be assigned a minimum of 3 nurses, equipped with thermo-guns and learners supplied with face-masks. “All indicators are clear that health measures have not been implemented in schools at all, a reason why infections are on the rise,” he said.

According to KNUT, at least 20 teachers have died of covid-19, with several hospitalised. However, Mr Sossion maintained that schools should not be shut down as they are safer for children than staying at home.

“We cannot close schools forever, the government should revamp health measures to guarantee the safety of teachers and students,” he said.


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