Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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President Uhuru Kenyata Directs Re-Admission Of All Students Sent Home Over Lack Of Fees.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has directed that all students in public day schools who were sent home over lack of fees be re-admitted without effect. President Kenyatta was speaking on Gikuyu vernacular radio stations on Monday morning where he was selling his BBI agenda.

“Whatever role I am assigned by God even after 2022, I will gladly play it. I love working”. He said even as he lauded the successful reopening of schools across the country. He, however, admitted that there are challenges in schools but expressed his confidence that all will be rectified as time goes by.


“The stand we took of re-opening schools was the right one. We will rectify the challenges in learning as we go along. I urge our parents and students to walk the journey along with us.” President Uhuru said.

He urged journalists to highlight cases of students being sent home over lack of fees for proper action.

“All our students in public day schools sent home ostensibly over lack of fees must be re-admitted immediately. I challenge you journalists to highlight cases and we will take action.” He said.

The president, however, expressed concerns over the morality of children, urging parents and the society at large to take responsibility in moulding the moral behaviour of children.

“We are experiencing moral decay among our youth. It touches on each and every home. We have a responsibility as parents, church elders etc to know what our youth do each waking day,” he said.

“To all KCPE and KCSE candidates, do your best. We will not abandon you. Even if you lost one year, you will catch up and become useful citizens for the country of Kenya.

“Let us focus on what will protect you, your children and your children’s children. I am not forcing you to be with me but don’t trust anyone blindly.” Uhuru Kenyatta stated.



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