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Pre-Primary Two Curriculum Designs (PP2)

Pre-Primary Two Curriculum Designs (PP2).

This curriculum design has been developed to facilitate the implementation of the Competence-Based Curriculum for Pre Primary 2.

The curriculum designs contain Language, Mathematics, Psychomotor and Creative Arts, Environmental, Christian Religious Education, Islamic Religious Education and Hindu Religious Education Activities.

The Curriculum designs for the Competence-Based Curriculum for Early Years Education have been developed through a participatory approach embracing the various stakeholders at different levels of development.

My sincere gratitude goes to all officers of Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development who ably guided the various panels.

I am also grateful to all the panel members in the various learning areas for Early Years Education for their commitment, dedication and diligence in accomplishing this task.

I also wish to thank all the Development Partners who provided financial and technical support throughout the process.

My sincere thanks to the colleagues at the Ministry of Education for all their support.

It is my conviction that these designs will lay the foundation of the Competence-Based Curriculum geared towards ensuring all our learners achieve their full potential through the learning experiences and activities they will be engaged in.

The design of the pre-primary curriculum has been created to incorporate the competence-based learning approach outlined in the basic education curriculum framework (BECF).

The curriculum design is available in two volumes that cater to children in the country’s pre-primary level.

It is divided into two levels: Level I (pre-primary 1) for four-year-olds and Level II (pre-primary 2) for five-year-olds.


Language, Mathematical, Environmental, Psychomotor, Creative, and Religious Education activity areas are covered in the curriculum.

Each learning activity area clearly specifies both general and specific learning outcomes.

The learning experiences and key inquiry questions have also been provided to assist users during the curriculum delivery process.

Pre-Primary Two Curriculum Designs (PP2)


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