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Pre-Primary One Curriculum Designs (PP1)

Pre-Primary One Curriculum Designs (PP1)

The Basic Education Curriculum Framework (BECF) outlines the vision and mission of Kenya’s curriculum reforms.

The vision of the curriculum reforms is to develop an engaged, empowered and ethical citizen. The mission is to nature the potential of every learner.

The framework adopts a Competency-based Curriculum and has identified seven core competencies, namely; communication and collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, creative and imagination, citizenship, digital literacy, learning to learn and self-efficacy.

It provides a variety of opportunities for identification and nurturing of a learner’s potentials and talents in preparation for life and the world of work.

The framework is geared towards making learning enjoyable.

Suitable curriculum designs have been developed to facilitate the implementation of the Basic Education Curriculum Framework.

The designs contain the National Goals of Education, outline of the Early Years Education (EYE) and general and specific learning outcomes of each subject.

They also suggest a variety of learning experiences, assessments and resources. The designs also link the topics to values, and Pertinent and Contemporary Issues (PCI).

It is my hope that all educators in the Early Years Education Level will anchor their delivery of Basic and Teacher education on the curriculum designs.

Kenya values the education of its citizen. At the heart of this education is the school curriculum.

The constitution and the Kenya Vision 2030 clearly outline the role of education in the country.

The dictates of the Constitution and the national aspirations of Vision 2030 triggered the curriculum reforms process.

The process began with a needs assessment that was meant to identify and address the development agenda of the country. The Basic Education Curriculum Framework (BECF) is a first for this country.

The Curriculum Reform Technical Team at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development developed the framework.

The team, led by experienced curriculum developers, benchmarked with various countries and developed a framework that aptly resonates with national needs.

The BECF is the guide to all education stakeholders on the national curriculum.


It outlines the vision and mission of the curriculum, the structure of education, the levels of education, the learning areas for each level and the learning outcomes.

It also stipulates the pillars that guide the reform process.

The learning areas are supported with curriculum designs that cover the educational content and guide the development of teachers’ guides and various formats of curriculum support materials.

The competency-based curriculum in Kenya targets to develop globally competitive citizens who embrace 21st Century Skills.

Pre-Primary One Curriculum Designs (PP1)


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