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Politicians should avoid politicizing CBC – Magoha

Politicians should avoid politicizing CBC – Magoha

Cabinet Secretary for Education George Magoha has warned politicians to avoid politicizing the new school curriculum.

Prof Magoha stated that the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) was not a joke and that politicians should avoid making amusing or discouraging statements.

During a tour to assess private schools’ readiness to implement the CBC junior secondary school, Magoha stated that the CBC curriculum was here to stay and that those opposed to it should instead provide credible alternatives for implementation.

He stated that the government will begin phase two of the school infrastructure upgrade while ensuring that completed classrooms are registered.

“Examinations for Grade 6 are ready and the transition to junior secondary is well on course,” said Magoha.

He asked those who were politicizing the curriculum to stop because they were distracting the children.

He added; “There are school-going children in every part of this country. Just do your politics peacefully without involving and scaring the children.”

During inspections at Golden Elite Schools, Magoha praised public schools for being “98%” ready for junior secondary transition.

The CS set an August deadline for delivering 10,000 classrooms that the president promised would be ready before he leaves office.

Magoha urged private schools to expedite classroom construction in order to admit junior secondary students the following year.

He praised Golden Elite Schools for finishing eight classrooms in time for the CBC transition.

Out of the over 10,000 classrooms expected to house junior secondary school students, the ministry has completed 6,947 in the first phase of the CBC.


According to the ministry, junior secondary schools will be housed in secondary schools. It has, however, encouraged students to attend private primary schools with junior secondary wings. Secondary school teachers, on the other hand, will instruct the student in such arrangements.

According to ministry data, there are 203,448 students enrolled in private secondary schools. Private schools that want to open secondary school sections must re-register with the Ministry of Education.


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