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Police Stab School Bursar in School Fees Dispute

Police Stab School Bursar in School Fees Dispute

In Mwingi, Kitui County, police have taken into custody a coworker accused of attacking a school bursar over school fees.

According to Mwingi Central OCPD Peter Mutuma, Haji Boru went to Mwingi Boys Secondary School, where his son attended, and demanded a cash refund of excess funds provided through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

After the bursar, Alex Mwanzia informed Mr. Boru that the money could only be moved to his son’s college tuition account, chaos ensued.

The cop allegedly drew a knife and stabbed the account controller around his left armpit.

As he waits to record a police statement, he is currently admitted to a nearby private hospital.

Boru is being held at the Mwingi Police Station pending his court appearance.

Kemeloi Boys School Reopens after Gachagua intervened.

Kemeloi Boys School Reopens after Gachagua intervened.
Kemeloi Boys School Reopens after Gachagua intervened.

Kemeloi Boys High School in Nandi County is reopening this week due to the intervention of Vice President Rigathi Gachagua.

Students from grades one through three who have been suspended are anticipated to return between Tuesday and Thursday.

The students were sent home on Monday following a disturbance involving running battles between the students. The school was closed for the third time in one month.

In the previous incident, Aldai MP Maryanne Keitany had intervened and presided over a crisis meeting that brought the school community and sub-county security personnel together in an attempt to address the conflicts at the school.

Cartels vying for school contracts were accused of instigating kids to go on a rampage and creating accusations against the school principal.

In an official statement, Governor Stephen Sang had asked the DP to back calls from some members of the school community that the principle be transferred due to many charges. The appeal provoked resentment and terror among government employees, who feared being victimized by bogus charges.

“As leaders from Nandi county, we want the principal [of] Kemeloi Boys High School removed because both students and the local community have rejected him after many allegations were made against him,” said the governor.

However, Mr. Gachagua, speaking at Aldai Technical Institute, stated that the government is committed to supporting education in all schools and that it is the responsibility of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to assign teachers and school principals to institutions, while warning against politicizing school matters.

Mr. Sang argued that the regular strikes at Kemeloi Boys could only be resolved by removing the principal and teachers whose leadership style pupils and community had rejected.

However, after installing CCTV cameras to monitor the school’s activities, the principal is credited with restoring order and improving academic performance. In the last incident, though, enraged students tore down the apparatus.

Some political figures, including Ms. Keitany, resisted calls for the principal’s transfer, claiming that the campaign was entirely political and cartel-driven.

Among other demands, certain members of the school community have pushed for the transfer of Chief Principal Tom Shivazi, citing tribal and corrupt politics.

Opponents of him assert that he mismanaged the school’s finances, but an examination by the Ministry of Education determined that these charges were baseless.

It was also determined that assertions that the diet of the students was bad were false.

Police Stab School Bursar in School Fees Dispute


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