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Police Respond to Viral Video of Cop Ransacking Student Bags During KCSE Exams.

Police Respond to Viral Video of Cop Ransacking Student Bags During KCSE Exams.

On Monday, December 5, Closed-circuit television (CCTV) captured a police officer rummaging through the baggage of his victims during Kenya Certificate for Secondary Education (KCSE).

In the footage that has since gone viral, the officer can be seen entering the classroom and immediately beginning to rummage through the bags left on the bench.

Since then, the National Police Service has replied to the problem, indicating that the necessary steps have been done to determine the issue’s facts.

Dr. Resila Atieno Onyango, Police Spokesperson, acknowledged that the service is aware of the incident.

Resila verified that the necessary measures are being taken to ensure that justice is served.

While wearing an Administration Police outfit, the officer in the video can be seen armed with a gun and unhurriedly taking his time.

“The matter is before internal disciplinary mechanisms by the Administration Police Service since it appears that the officer is from the AP wing,” Resila revealed.

According to the Police Department, the alleged disciplinary procedure begins with the identification of the suspect and the victim.

In a police report on the occurrence, both the suspect’s written statement and the victim’s testimony will be recorded.

In addition, all parties will have the opportunity to present their case before a discipline committee within the force.

“It is during the disciplinary hearing when it will be established whether the officer committed a crime or not,” the Police Spokesperson underscored.

Police hearings do take considerably shorter periods since there are no complications.

In this scenario, both the victims and the suspect are permitted to retain legal representation.

Several Police Officers are now being prosecuted in tribunals or legal courts.

Elsewhere, The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) confirmed on Tuesday, December 6 that a police officer arrested in connection with the shooting of a student at Machakos University is awaiting further investigation.

According to the investigation unit, the suspect was accused of severely hurting a student during the anti-insecurity protests held on December 5th.

The victim had joined his coworkers in the demonstrations as they demanded justice for a colleague who had been murdered in an incident.

Businesses in the region were paralyzed for most of Monday, December 5 due to prolonged demonstrations. This caused the police to intervene to control the scene.

To identify the perpetrator, DCI agents launched an investigation into the firearms assigned to police officers involved in quelling the demonstrations following his detention.

“A total of 9 firearms including 5 pistols, 3 G-3riffles and one AK-47 assault rifle have also been seized from different police officers and they will be subjected to forensic ballistic analysis at the DCI National Forensic Laboratory, to scientifically ascertain which firearms were misused when quelling the riotous students,” a statement from the DCI read in part. 

The incident had the potential to inflame the ire of the institution’s students, who accused the police of employing excessive force to accomplish their purpose.

According to the statement, the person was in a life-or-death struggle at Machakos Level 5 Hospital due to injuries acquired during the picketing.

In addition, the DCI reported the arrest of a police officer in connection with a heist involving students based on tips from the public.

In the early hours of Monday, December 5, the cop in plainclothes and an accomplice had accosted two students as they were walking to their leased hostels.

One of the pupils managed to escape and notify his classmates, resulting in the arrest of the officer.

According to DCI, regional police officials had launched an operation to neutralize the security concerns threatening the institution’s students.

The National Police Service urged the students to be peaceful and quiet and vowed to expedite the inquiry into the shooting. 

This occurred when incidences of insecurity increased in Nairobi and other satellite cities.

Police Respond to Viral Video of Cop Ransacking Student Bags During KCSE Exams.


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