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Police Arrested For Locking KCSE Girl Inside House

Police Arrested For Locking KCSE Girl Inside House.

A Police is under investigation for allegedly hosting a minor Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) candidate.

Detectives assigned to the case discovered the girl in the police officer’s residence at Kapenguria Police Station.

According to police reports, the detectives responded to the missing 17-year-old girl’s father’s request to locate her.

On Monday, November 21, the father complained to the police that they were unable to locate his daughter and were ignorant of her whereabouts.

However, the aggrieved man said that he had learned that his daughter was residing in the police station with the guilty officer.

The father was picked up from his apartment in the Keringet Trading Centre by officers who agreed to assist him in apprehending his colleague before the two parties tracked the girl and the police.

Apparently, they also acted on a tip during the secret operation.

Kipkemboi Kirui of the West Pokot sub county OCPD confirmed the event and the subsequent arrest of the officer, claiming that the 17-year-old girl was located in the officer’s home.

“We arrested both of them,” Kirui affirmed. 

He also referred the file to the Kapenguria office of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation.

The cop was charged with defilement despite the lack of a medical report from which the police may have determined the same.
The applicant was nevertheless brought to a neighboring hospital for treatment and evaluation.

She was, however, accused of refusing to cooperate with the police by withholding information that might implicate the officer in order to protect him.

Candidates for the KCSE will take their first exam on Friday, December 2. On Monday, November 28th, the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education will commence.

Police Arrested For Locking KCSE Girl Inside House.


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