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Pay Us As You Promised. No Transport For Interviews

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The Kenyan teachers who were employed in public schools both primary and secondary under school Boards of Management are now asking the government to pay them since it had promised to do so in August. 

These teachers lost their earnings as a result of the outbreak of the deadly Corona Virus (Covid19) in March 2020 which led to the indefinite closure of all learning institutions in the country. 

However,  the government has continued with the payment of those teachers who are in its payroll. The BOM teachers had shared their plight on how life has become totally unbearable for them, many of whom have families to cater for,  rent to pay as well as other responsibilities.

This has seen even some teachers commit suicide,  some locked out of their residence among other shocking deeds. 

When their plight reached His Excellency the President, he gave a decree that they should be paid. However,  days have elapsed and nothing has been done so far.

The education cabinet secretary Prof. George Magoha last week in his tour to Nyeri polytechnic announced that the BOM teachers had received their pay. The truth is,  nobody,  no single teacher has received even a penny in their pockets.

These teachers are asking the government to follow up on the issue and have them paid their promised money. The unfulfilled promise made so far has left many unemployed teachers suffering in poverty hence they support the teaching sector a great deal.

To add salt on the wound those in interns have been awarded 10 free mks for the forthcoming interviews for TSC recruitment. The BOM teachers are even worried about how they are going to get bus and matatu fare that would enable them to travel to the interview places.

The ministry of education,  the Teachers Service Commission and all the relevant stakeholders should join hands and come to the rescue of these teachers. These are teachers who are dully registered under TSC and therefore mandated to teach. 

#Help save the future of a Kenyan Teacher#

BOM Teacher


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