Thursday, March 30, 2023
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Pay BOM Teachers Today As You Promised.- Naisula Lesuuda

Honourable Naisula said that teachers shortage stands at 100,000 and most of this gap is filled by BOM teachers who play a critical role in ensuring that each student receives a quality education.

She noted that in some of the schools in the remote areas and semi-arid areas, BOM teachers are more than the TSC employed teachers and that such schools should have shut their operations without BOM teachers hence children would have been denied the right to education.

Despite all this, Naisula noted that these teachers receive a little salary that can hardly manage their lives yet since school closure they haven't received any money.

Even when the president issued an order for the BOM to get paid these teachers Naisula regretted that they have continued to be ignored. 

Teachers have continued to be told that money will be deposited into their individual account or via their school account. She said it was unfortunate that to date, no tangible evidence can be given as to why the teachers have not been paid. 

CAS Zachary Kinuthia had earlier stated that only teachers registered by TSC who were enrolled to teach before school closure will be paid.

The Member of Parliament accused Mr Kinuthia of giving contradicting statements. She noted that the last statement Mr Kinuthia made was that Bom teachers would be paid by today adding that BOM teachers have to be paid with immediate effect.

The latest update on this money stated that a list of bom teachers had been verified and 43000 teachers were due to be paid and that funds had already been cleared for Disbursement.

The delay they said was due to the verification process that saw over 40000 names dropped from the list.
Education PS Belio Kipsang also said that teachers would be paid today on Friday. The Samburu East MP said that BOM teachers have to be paid today. 

She called on the Ministry of Education to act in good faith and ensure that the payment is done today. "The teachers have suffered enough, 5 months of the pandemic and need not suffer any longer especially after the money has been released by the treasury," she noted. 

Honourable Naisula said that the BOM issue was a matter that has been raised on the floor of the house and as parliamentarians, the responsible persons, in this case, have to take the representatives of the house seriously.

"They have taken 5 months to verify, to know who the teachers are, they have already done all that work. So all we need is the BOM teachers to be paid." She said. 

Naisula asked the Education Ministry to be sensitive with Kenyans especially during this time of coronavirus pandemic to ensure that people who need to be paid are paid because all families are struggling.


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