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Parents Urged To Enroll Form Four Graduates For Vocational Training

Parents Urged To Enroll Form Four Graduates For Vocational Training.

Dr. Kipkirui Langat, Director-General, Technical Vocational Education and Training Authority, has urged parents to make sure their Form Four graduates enroll in technical training facilities so they can gain the necessary skills to succeed in life.

Speaking at Sot Technical Training Institute, Langat said, “We have about 350 public technical and vocational colleges and close to a thousand vocational training centers managed by counties and close to a thousand private vocational training centers that make close to 2500 technical institutions in the country.”

He claimed that the government was working to standardize the delivery of skills to the current 50,000 students nationwide through these institutions.

The DG commended Sot Technical Training Institute for enrolling a large number of students, stating that locals should make use of the college by constructing housing for both students and their instructors.

“Technical and vocational training institutes are the way to go and the government is working hard to standardize skills provided in these centers, I also want to applaud the management of Sot training for its enrollment of 3500 students.

According to Langat, the government is aware of the difficulties faced by these institutions, including a lack of instructors and subpar pay as a result of the recent change from the Teachers Service Commission to the Public Service Commission.


The director-general urged locals to utilize these institutions for the provision of other services as well in order to boost their economic success.

“I am urging members of the local community to seize this opportunity and develop the surrounding area, by building structures to accommodate the growing college population,” he said.



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