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Parents Advised To Educate Their Disabled Children

Parents Advised To Educate Their Disabled Children

Stanley Kiptis, Governor of Baringo, has urged parents to educate their special-needs children so that they can learn and demonstrate their own talent and intelligence.

Kiptis made the call during the weekend’s Kabarnet School for Deafblind 5th Happy-Day celebrations at the school grounds in Baringo Central Sub-county.

He observed that many County parents were still hesitant to enroll such children in school for quality education and socialization for fear of stigmatization.

“I am made to know that there are some families who are still hiding children with special needs and they cannot mingle with other children freely,” he said.

The governor of Baringo stated that it was wrong for anyone to deny such children access to education, which is their inherent right as enshrined in the constitution, due to challenges that are beyond their control.

He revealed that over 18,000 people in Baringo have special needs exacerbated by physical, intellectual, and mental illnesses, with Tiaty Constituency leading the pack.

Kiptis stated that his administration, in collaboration with the National Government and partners, has established schools in Ochii, Emining, Kabarnet, Egure, Shimoni, and Marigat that accept children with various challenges.

He believes that education is a critical equalizer that allows people with physical and mental disabilities to gain independence and reach their full potential.

The Principal of the Institution, Salina Binott, expressed gratitude to well-wishers and other invited guests who attended the annual celebration, saying that it is a noble thing to touch a child’s heart by supporting them in their educational journey.

She stated that such children will grow up to be responsible members of society and should not be neglected.

The school, founded in 1985 by the late Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi, has 75 students, 31 teachers, and more than 20 support staff.

The school accepts children aged 5 to 18 who have multiple challenges such as deafness, blindness, and other disabilities.

Parents Advised To Educate Their Disabled Children



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