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How Parents Are Scammed By Conmen During School Breaks

How Parents Are Scammed By Conmen During School Breaks

As students take a midterm break this week, several parents have been targeted by conmen in a new scam in which some parents have lost money.

Scammers send out short messages purporting to be from the class teacher, requesting that parents send their children bus tickets and other items.

While some parents take steps to contact the respective schools for confirmation, others succumb to the scammers’ deception and send the money.

On the eve of mid-term break, Larry Enos, the brother of a Form 2 student in Bungoma County, received a text message.

“Hi mum, tumia mwalimu Richard bus fare yangu atanipatia, mpigie kwanza kwa number yake 07……,” the message reads.

Hilda Musoti, whose son and daughter were taking the KCSE, was also duped out of Sh900.

When she got the message asking for money to buy a calculator, she remembered how her son had been getting by with an old device.

In contrast to the bus fare message, which did not specify the amount to be sent, the scammer who targeted Musoti demanded Sh900.

As a concerned parent, Musoti requested that her husband send the money to one Alex, the ostensible teacher to his son for the calculator.

After sending the money, he waited for the teacher to call back but he didn’t. He then called the school Bursar to find out if the son had received the calculator.

Surprisingly, the school confirmed that her son had not expressed any concerns about using a calculator.


Another parent lost Sh15,000 after receiving word that his daughter had been injured and required immediate surgery.

The daughter had only recently started school when she received the call claiming to be teachers of Physical Education (PE) at the school.

The concerned parent thanked the ‘teachers’ for acting quickly to assist his sick daughter then drove straight to the school, which was more than 20 kilometers away.

The scammers asked him to send Sh20,000 while he was on the road assuring him that his daughter would have been treated by the time he arrived at school.

“I alighted, deposited the amount and sent it to that number. As I was walking back to the matatu, the number was switched off,” he said.

When the parent called the school, he was told that his daughter was fine. Attempts to get the money back were futile because the Sim card had been turned off since then.

How Parents Are Scammed By Conmen During School Breaks



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